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The ECFC Museum was founded to collect, preserve, share & celebrate the history and heritage of the Grecians. Below are just some of the people who have worked together to achieve these goals.

Paul Farley - ECFC Museum Trust Chair

Aidan Hamilton - ECFC Museum Trustee

Martin Weiler - ECFC Museum Trustee 

Gabriella Giannachi - ECFC Museum Consultant & Advisor 

Will Barrett - ECFC Museum Officer & Curator

Elliott Morgan - Film & Media Officer 

ECFC Supporters' Trust

Elaine Davis (community)

Nick Hawker (chair)

ECFC Supporters' Trust - History Group

Tony Badcott

Brian Carpenter 

Sarah Willis

ECFC Museum - Volunteer Team

Sara-Ann Ang; Ella Appleyard; Issac Avery; Ed Barrett; Phil Broom; Isobel Clarke; Mike Cooper; Tom Denman; Phil Ellis; Katrina Fox; Charlotte Im; Lewis Jones; Camilla King; Dave Luxton; Pete Martin; David Mitchell; Sam Moakes; Sophie Morgan; Paul Norris; Alan Ray; Michael Rudling; Phil Rugman; Ray Silcox; Charlotte Sawyer; Steve Stentiford; Hattie Stubbs; Alison Styles; Paul Sussex; Andrew Verbinnen; Chris Vickery; Brian White; Phil Wright; Alex Young.

Museum Team: About Us
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