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Celebrating our Football Heritage | Workshop

As part of the ECFC Museum and Grecian Archive's latest National Lottery Heritage Funded programme, all are warmly welcomed to participate in the Celebrating Our Football Heritage online workshop on Wednesday, November 4, 2020.

The aim of the event is to bring together people with and interest in football history and heritage to hear about the work of several organisations within the game, and to discuss how to shape this exciting and valuable area of interest and practice.

For the event we will be joined by Roger Titford (The Great Save, STAR, and writer for When Saturday Comes), Alex Alexandrou (The Football & War Network and Solihull Moors FC), Tim Bland (NLHF) and Richard Irving (The Football Supporters' Assocation).

The event begins at 10am on Wednesday, November 4 and can be joined at the below link

The three initial presentations will all be recorded via zoom for documentation, research, and sharing, so please do let us know if you would like us to ensure that you are excluded from any of the disseminated footage.

A full running order can be found below, so if you would like to confirm your attendance, or have any thoughts or queries, please do contact

Celebrating Our Football Heritage

Wednesday, November 4 |1000-1200 (approx.)


Welcome and introductions


Roger Titford (The Great Save and STAR)


Will Barrett and Gabriella Giannachi (The ECFC Museum and University of Exeter)


Alex Alexandrou (The Football & War Network and Sollihull Moors FC)


Panel Q&A and Discussion (community football heritage)


Tim Bland (National Lottery Heritage Fund)


Richard Irving (The Football Supporters' Association)


Discussion (creating the network and resources)


Will Barrett and Gabriella Giannachi

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